Maxi Yacht Weddell


Sporty character

The Weddell Maxi Yacht is pure adrenaline. This series of yachts was designed to participate in the world race!

Open the hole world

You can cross any oceans with us and go in on the best regattas of the world.


Reliable boat and professional team at your disposal.

Feedback from our guests:

As Hemingway said, a man at sea is never alone. Confirmation of this, I found every minute of my stay on the boat. Thanks to the Weddell crew for their friendship, help and science in the campaigns, which I was lucky to participate! You are reliable and cool guys!

Michael NechvolodovPalermo - MonteCarlo, 2016

The impressions of the regatta left a big imprint on my mind. It was an exciting adventure with a friendly and responsive boat crew and members of the newly formed team! Throughout the race, you could feel the sporting discipline and focus on winning! Instant adaptability and flexibility to the situations it is for these guys !!! The boat gave a lot of positive emotions and proved to be fast and resistant to the elements, and our team just drank them during strong excitement with gusty wind !!! Special thanks to the skipper for the cold-blooded intelligence and wisdom during the voyage! Undoubtedly I recommend going to the regattas on this boat as part of their friendly team !!! Good luck to everyone in sea trips !!!

Valentin InkovPalermo - MonteCarlo, 2016

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