• Dates:

    26.07 — 08.08 2019

  • Location:

    Cowes, UK

  • Level of difficulty:

    Complicated. Suitable for advanced yachtsmen

  • Price:

    3 000 EUR per person

  • Special offer:

    -35% for RORC Antigua — Bermuda Race

  • Available places:


Fastnet is an offshore race, it takes place on the high seas. The distance overcome by participants is 608 nautical miles or 1126 km. This length is considered to be classic for such large regattas. Start yachts from the harbor of Coze, Isle of Wight. In the same place the first Cup of America took place. Then the crews go along the southern coast of Britain, reach the coast of Ireland, go around the Fastnet rock and go back to finish in Plymouth. Despite the seeming simplicity, in fact, Fastnet Reis is the hardest regatta. It starts in the middle of August — just at a time when the worst weather begins in the Atlantic off the British coast. In such conditions, without stopping to go a thousand-kilometer distance is extremely difficult.

Marina address:

Haslar marina, Gosport


British Visa


Boat accommodation is available on the last day before the race. Take care in advance of booking the hotel.

Everything you wanted to know:

What is included in the price of the trip?

  • Participation in the Fastnet 2019 regatta on maxi yacht
  • Participation in the qualifying race Channel Race (27-28.07)
    training exits at sea
  • ISAF Sea Survival and First Aid courses for those who need it. (The course is paid for by the participants themselves, who need to complete this course.)
  • Skipper and professional crew
  • Starting fee
  • Participation in parties organized by the organizers of the regatta
  • Marinas
  • Meals on board during the race
  • Transition Plymouth — Gosport August 07/08
  • Fuel
  • Cleaning

What documents need to be issued before departure?

  • UK Visa
  • Insurance with good coverage. We recommend Bupa — www.ihi.com
  • Valid international passport

What clothes to take with you?

  • Waterproofing equipment (Wetsuite)
  • Yacht shoes (It is better to have yacht boots and light shoes with you)
  • Lightweight, quick-drying clothing
  • Thermal underwear
  • Warm clothes, as at night it can be very cold on the water.
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen with a factor of 50+
  • Towel and personal items

Do I need to fold on deposit?

No, there will be a professional crew aboard who is responsible for all actions with the boat

Rolex Fastnet Race

On sunny August days, the water area of ​​the Irish Sea is changing, its waters are filled with multicolored spinnakers of competing yachts. Ships of different sizes fly between the waves, trying to win a victory in a fair battle with rivals and elements. All this is the Rolex Fastnet Race — perhaps the most famous sailing yacht regatta in the world. It is held every two years, almost the whole century.
Classic ocean distances are a serious challenge for yachtsmen of any level. Three 600-mile distances under the Rolex flag are considered particularly prestigious: Sidney to Hobart Race, Middle Sea Race and Fastnet Race. It is the last race that keeps the original palm of leadership — it is the oldest, the most famous, and takes the most participants.

A couple of words about the founders of RORC Fastnet 600

Yachts in the Fastnet Race can be seen very different — and classic ocean sports yachts, and maxi-yachts, about 30 meters long, and huge high-speed trimarans. Naturally, in such conditions, the winner is determined by the adjusted time, according to the IRC index. Although no less honorable to win and Line Honor — come first on the net.
The organizers of the regatta are RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club). The general sponsor since 2001 is the Swiss brand Rolex.
For the first time, the Fastnet Race was conducted in 1925. Then, only seven yachts took to the start. Two of them left the race, and the third moved so slowly that it came to the finish line after the timekeepers left home. But on the 48th Fastnet, which will be held in August 2019, more than 440 crews registered in the first 4 minutes 37 seconds to open the registration!

Regatta features

In the regatta can take part ships of various types with a large crew, but the participation of single people is also allowed. Special requirements are put forward for the preparation of team members (the list was drawn up after the tragedy of 1979) and equipment for rescue in the event of a disaster. A modern yacht participating in competitions must necessarily have a VHF radio station and a GPS navigator, and for rescue you must have a raft and emergency buoys on board. The installed tracking system allows you to quickly monitor the movement of the yacht during the competition.
According to the rules, the team should be united and able to act in the event of a non-standard situation. At least two people are required to be able to provide first aid, two more are responsible for saving the crew and for rescue equipment. Two people must have certificates of attendance at courses conducted by the International Sailing Federation. Documents on the passage of the relevant courses are provided to the organizing commission together with the application for participation.

Regatta requirements

And one more requirement for the team: at least two crew members must take part in such a regatta on the ship being put on to Rolex Fastnet Race. Moreover, the distance covered must be at least 300 miles and after that the event must pass no more than 12 months.
It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of the Fastnet Regatta to sailing. For several decades, thousands of yachts and numerous crews took part in the race. Legends of yachting competed for the main prize, leaving a bright mark on history!